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hello world!

hello cyberworld! hello blog! hello lj! =)

oh yes, i'm still alive. ;) i was just busy island-hopping around the philippines for the past few weeks. :)

and by the time i got back from my sweet escape, tons of work were waiting for me. ack.

anyway, i'm still happy. though i still want to extend my vacation and go around the country more. hmmm where would be my next destination? hmmm. oooppps i think i have to check on my funds first before i plan my next get-away. heehee. :)

travelling had been a new-found hobby for me. hehe. i want to go around the country and eventually around the world! woohoo! rock on! \m/

my highschool friends and i made a "pact" before. our 5-year plan was to go around the philippines and to go to as much islands as we can. that means getting out of luzon and going to other islands either by seacraft or by airplane. so far we have been to a few, the latest being cebu city and bohol. we had a lot of fun. bonding to the next level. and camwhoring too! haha! =) our 5-year plan is about to end, but we still have a few more vacation places in mind. next in line would be our 10-year plan. this is quite major coz we plan to go out of the country! woohoo! quite ambitious but i think we can start next year. HK or singapore, baby! yeah! i really hope we can push through with it. =) and in the future when we all get rich, we would go out of asia and travel around the world! rock on! hahaha! we would visit our other friends who have already migrated in the US and canada. US tour, com'mon! hehehehe! =) i get so excited just thinking about it. and i feel so pressured too, i have to save more! and i have to start ASAP! hahaha! ;)

so that's what i have been up to lately. i'm into something confusing right now and i'm trying to get out of it. i just want to think about happy thoughts -- travelling, friends, family. i have no time to think about other complicated things. oh well, maybe just the mere fact of entertaining those kinds of thoughts makes everything so complicated. haha. i'm not making any sense already. i have to end here. =)

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